Laura A. Martinelli, PA provides residential title and escrow services in South Florida to buyers and sellers of real property and those wishing to refinance. Laura A. Martinelli, PA knows the importance of quality, dependable, and thorough service before, during and after your real estate transaction.

Laura A. Martinelli, PA is owned by attorney Laura A. Martinelli. Laura A. Martinelli is involved in each and every transaction. With an attorney overseeing all aspects of your closing, any legal issue that may arise will be handled promptly and professionally. It's because of this commitment to being responsive and to providing a full service title experience that Laura A. Martinelli, PA is recommended by buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate professionals throughout South Florida.

Laura A. Martinelli, PA utilizes the latest technology so that most, if not all, of your transaction can be completed electronically. We are committed to bettering the environment around us and to that end we are a green office utilizing the SureClose transaction management system allowing all of your documents to be stored online for you to access for up to 7 years after closing.

Laura A. Martinelli, PA is approved by all major lenders.

AT Laura A. Martinelli, PA you can be confident that all of your post-closing work will be completed correctly, assuring you that you will not have an unforeseen issue in the future during your next transaction involving the property.

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Settlement/Closing Fee
Title Examination
Title Search (Seller pays)
Title Insurance
included in settlement fee
Promulgated rate based upon purchase price
Owner's Title Insurance is issued at the Promulgated rate, which is the lowest rate allowed pursuant to Florida law. Owner's Title Insurance insures against loss or damages due to title issues.


Florida Form 9 Mortgagee Endorsement
All Other Mortgagee Endorsements
Promulgated rate
$25.00 each
Mortgagee Title Endorsements are also issued at the Promulgated rate, which is the lowest rate allowed pursuant to Florida law. Mortgagee Title Endorsements are part of the Mortgagee Title Policy and are required by the lender.


Survey $360 (approximate cost to buyer)
In any closing other than a condominium purchase, a survey is required by the lender. We order the survey as a service to you. This is the approximate cost.
Lien Search $200.00 (approximate cost seller pays)
We also draft Seller's documents. Please check with us for rates.
We scan your file into SureClose, which is stored online for 7 years post closing allowing you easy access in the future to information contained in your file.