Our Services

Initial Request for Title Insurance

Upon receipt of an order for title insurance, our processors immediately make contact with the lender and borrower.

On-Site Searching and Examining

The processor will then perform several searches: Title, Property, Name, Patriot Act and Tax searches. As a green office these documents are immediately uploaded into the SureClose system for necessary viewing.

Technical Review

After completing all searches and commitment a thorough review is made of all documents. An interpretive review of all recorded matters is made to evaluate their impact on the title to the property. Among the questions asked are: Would any of the recorded matters prevent the buyer from using the property for its intended purpose?

Survey Analysis

In anticipation of ALTA coverage, a survey is ordered. After reviewing the survey, the initial title product is supplemented to show any encroachments or other off-record matters which would ultimately impact the title.

We Earn Your Respect with our Skills, Service and Solutions

You, the customer, are never bogged down or delayed by our office. To the contrary, as a resource and as a facilitator of the transaction, we assume the responsibility for as many details as possible and are able to direct you to other resources where necessary. We try not to point out impediments to the close of a transaction without also offering assistance and solutions. By understanding the sometimes delicate balance of the interests of the parties to a transaction, and by professionally and courteously handling issues as they arise, we can capably guide a transaction to a successful conclusion.